Throw Back Thursday: “Down Under” hits #1 this week

If you are on social media these days, you may be all too familiar with Throw Back Thursday, or #TBT if you will. Sometimes I get annoyed, but other times I enjoy seeing people’s old pictures.

I figured #TBT would be appropriate for me today. Yesterday was my 6 year Blogiversary. But, that first article was just a simple introduction. It was 6 years ago today that I published my first full-fledged article. Men-At-Work was an iconic ’80s band. So, I couldn’t go wrong featuring them in my first article.
I left the article unedited, other than adding a picture. I am also embedding the video. I must not have known about embedding videos back then. Since I had, ummmm, 0 people following my blog back then, chances are you haven’t seen this yet. Oh, and don’t forget to vote on the poll! I forgot about that. I should do more polls on this site.


Men at Work’s “Down Under” hit number 1 on January 15, 1983 which came from their debut album Business as Usual.

“Down Under” was Men at Work’s biggest hit. It is the first song that comes to mind when you mention the group. The song is also synonymous with Men at Work’s native Australia. If it was not for this song, how many of us would have heard of Vegemite sandwiches?

The band had a great run in the early 80’s. Sure, they are most known for “Down Under”, but “Who Can It Be Now?” was also a big hit. “Be Good Johnny” was also a fun song, and now I have an ear-worm!

“be good be good, be good be good, be good be good…”

Three other songs I love are “Overkill“, “It’s a Mistake“, and “Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive

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