Deep Tracks: Night Ranger – I Need a Woman

I Need a Woman (1985)

I have always been in love with the first forty seconds of this song. The bass and rhythm guitar are not complicated, but the sound they create is irresistible. All of the band members are at play here, but this rhythm that these two create really make the song. Once again, the solo is fantastic. The lyrics of this song are a bit suggestive but also capture the many things that women do for the men they love (and men need it). The physical needs are clear (and may be a bit overdone), but there are also emotional needs that are necessary, “I need a woman to find a window in my soul / Bring me in from the cold that’s where I’m dying.” If one does not get too hung up on the obvious sexual innuendos, this song can be seen as a declaration of what some men do not want to readily admit: it is very difficult to live without the comforting support of a good woman. And if you like the innuendo – there is that, too.

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