Deep Tracks: Night Ranger – The Secret of My Success

The Secret of My Success (1987)

If the title reminds you of the sometimes forgotten 1987 film starring Michael J. Fox, it should because it was also a part of the soundtrack as well as being on the Big Life album. The song’s verses do fit the film pretty well. If you remember, Fox played a young man who had just graduated from the University of Kansas and was given a job in his uncle’s company in New York City. The second verse captures the desires of Fox’s ambitious character, “I always said I could make it and be who I am / There’s a new look in sight, what a change for the new modern man / With all this it seems like I’m dying for more / The streets are on fire, never seen it before.” While it does fit the film perfectly, it is also true of the band as well. Achieving any sort of success in the music world is not easy. There are plenty of musicians and singers who have plenty of talent, but no one has heard of them. Any sort of success in this field requires a bit of luck and a ton of hard work. The music is what you have come to expect from Night Ranger: strong guitar work, a steady bass, clean vocals (by Blades and Keagy) and a good solo that is quick and a bit understated in this song. Fitzgerald’s keyboards in this song, though, are memorable, coming with a steady rhythm as well as in quick bursts throughout the song. I love the final lyric in this song, “With nothing to show, just sweat from my soul / My heart’s on the line and I’m dying to go / Look at us now / gonna make it somehow / Hold on to me, baby, can’t hold me down.” – a somewhat inspirational ending to an excellent deep track.

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