Deep Tracks: Night Ranger – Halfway to the Sun

We are back for another week of Deep Tracks, courtesy of Robert! This week, we are continuing with Night Ranger. I am so happy that Robert is tackling a song from Man in Motion today. In 1989, I joined the Navy, went to Boot Camp, and had school. After about a month of leave (vacation), I was stationed at my first base – Oakland Naval Hospital. I didn’t have much music with me at the time, so I promptly joined Columbia House, and got 10 CDs for a penny. One of these CDs was Man in Motion. The only song I already knew about was “Restless Kind“. I loved every song on the CD right away, and it became one of my favorite albums.

Now, here is Robert to bring us “Halfway to the Sun”.

I am really hoping you enjoyed the five songs by Night Ranger that I gave you last week. One thing I have noticed about Night Ranger fans is that they are loyal and they fully understand just how many great song the band has recorded. They also recognize that the band is a bit underrated (as Paul noted last week). So saying, I remain with the view that just five song by Night Ranger is not nearly enough. This week I give you part two of Night Ranger’s deep tracks – five more songs that I am convinced will make you a fan of this excellent band’s music.

Halfway to the Sun (1988)

Last week I was not able to get in any songs from the Man in Motion album, so this week I am going to start with two; first up is my favorite rocker from this album. When I discuss songs I really like I have a tendency to fall into hyperbole, so forgive me here. This just may be the perfect rock song: strong rhythm guitar and bass, a catchy as hell chorus, and a dynamite solo played by both Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson. I can still remember the first time I listened to this song. Man in Motion was the second CD I purchased (Survivor’s Too Hot to Sleep was first). While I still had my vinyl and cassettes, I was in love with my new CD player, so I exhausted these first two purchases. When I heard “Halfway to the Sun” (track #6), I had to push the back button four times and listen to it again, and again, and . . . I think you get the point. This may even by one of my favorite songs by Night Ranger (period, exclamation point). Musically, it is just too good to deny or turn off. Lyrically, it is solid enough. I love the opening verse, “Well, I’ve been out there thinking about the night before/ How you held me tight / You kissed me like you’ve never done before / Well, I ain’t no politician / But I sure know what was said / I don’t put much weight on promises / That you made to me while you’re laying in my bed.” All of that leads into that catchy chorus that informs us (and her) that she needs to be careful who she is hanging out with because, “When you step out on your conscience / You step out on the run / You won’t step on me ‘cause I’ll be gone / I’ll be halfway to the sun.” This is an absolutely great song that I would put in my all-time top ten deep tracks.

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