Deep Tracks: Night Ranger – I Did it for Love

I Did it for Love (1988)

I am going to go in a different direction today and slow it down a bit. Fans of “Sister Christian” know that Night Ranger can create a power ballad with the best of them and this one is my favorite one from Man in Motion. I love rock ballads and I like a few of them that are about breakups. I especially like breakup song in which there is not bitterness or anger – just an understanding that things have to end (think: Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)). This wrenching understanding is exactly what is happening in this song. There are several lines that carry signs of the end of the relationship: “Every night that I held you / Made Heaven from Hell / I did it for love / Like the change of the season / You grew cold for that reason”, “When you were lost in the night / And you feared for your life / I came running to you / And as I held you so tight / You said forever you and I / But girl I knew.” Clearly a difficult situation, but just like Steve Perry who sings, “You know I still love you”, Kelly Keagy gives us a similar sentiment, “Well, I thought that I was tough / I guess I wasn’t tough enough / I didn’t do it for the glory / I did it for love.” As one would expect the song has a smooth pace and clear, precise instrumentation with an anticipated solid solo (Watson this time). In a decade full of great rock ballads, I wish this one would have received more attention -it is an excellent example of that important sub genre of ‘80s music. Watch the video closely for a slew of infamous figures from the ‘80s and a gorgeous Morgan Fairchild.

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