Deep Tracks: Night Ranger – Hearts Away

Hearts Away (1987)

Yes, you are being presented with two consecutive power ballads, both of which are just as good as “Sister Christian.” Would it be blasphemous of me to say that I like “Hearts Away” as much as, and maybe even a little bit more than that mega hit from 1984? Well, I do and I think you will enjoy it, too. Once again you have the trappings of a classic power ballad – and I love it. Strong keyboards by Fitzgerald play a prominent role in this song and can be heard throughout, sometimes as background and sometimes as a primary instrument. The song has a predictably slow pace, but build and builds to a blistering solo by Gillis – no wait, there are two solos. Just like in “Sister Christian”, Kelly Keagy takes over lead vocal duties. He does have a really good voice for these types of songs- smooth and powerful. Lyrically, the speaker in the song is reminiscing on a lost love, wishing he could somehow get her back: “Hearts away, I cast my heart to some romantic yesterday / When I was on my own / And you were blind to everyone but me / Now today, I throw my heart to some / Forgotten memory, when you were / What was meant for me / A stranger with a place to always be.” Nothing new or earth shattering, but isn’t that what we really like about these power ballads, anyway? There are a finite number of love stories and they are told and retold – this song does so in a powerful way. Despite his yearnings for things to return to the way they used to be, it does not look promising, “And today, I cry myself to sleep each night / I only wish I’d wake up so see you lying next to me / I know I’m sure it’s killing me.” This song is yet another great power(ful) ballad from a decade full of these powerfully emotional songs.

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