Quote of the Day: M*A*S*H – Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

[Hawkeye was telling Dr. Sidney Freedman about what he initially thought was a chicken clucking inside the bus]

Dr. Sidney Freedman: Then what happened?

Then I went back toward the front of the bus.

Dr. Sidney Freedman: And what happened next?

Hawkeye: There’s something wrong with it. It stopped making noise. It just–just stopped.


Hawkeye: She-she killed it! She killed it!

Dr. Sidney Freedman: She killed the chicken?

Hawkeye: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I didn’t mean for her to kill it.



Hawkeye: I did not–I–I just wanted it to be quiet. It was–it was a baby! She, she smothered her own baby.


Hawkeye: You son of a bitch, why did you make me remember that?

Dr. Sidney Freedman: You had to get it out in the open. Now we’re halfway home.

Happy 80th birthday to Alan Alda!!! This was my favorite scene by him, ever.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: M*A*S*H – Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen”

  1. When M*A*S*H originally aired, I think I was too young to understand it, so I didn’t appreciate it, although I loved the finale. Then about 10-15 years ago, I happened to catch the pilot on a station that showed 4 episodes a night. I LOVED every single episode. There was never a bad one. Even the flashback episode was good, when the gang was getting interviewed. I love the combination of the comedy and the drama.


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