Deep Tracks: Bon Jovi – Tokyo Road

Tokyo Road (1985)

This is my favorite track from 7800° Fahrenheit. I was beyond excited when they played it the first time I saw the band in concert (unfortunately, they did not perform it the next five times). The song begins with a traditional Japanese folk song “Sakura” (cherry blossoms). As the delicate beginning fades, Richie Sambora kicks his guitar in and we are ready for a rocking song. Lyrically, the song is an unusual one for Bon Jovi. The subject of the song is a soldier who is sent to fight in Japan (has to be World War II). This soldier does not feel completely at ease with the fighting, but he does love his his passes away from the base so he can enjoy a little night life. He says, “It was a time to remember / All my life I would never forget / In a bar, breathing smoke / Snorting whiskey, drinking coke / It was a time no one would die.” Sambora’s solo is a good one and after it the soldier is lead upstairs where a woman, with a red light one, is waiting. I think we can all guess what happens next. Despite the lack of solid sales and public reception, I really like this album and listen to it often. This song is a highlight of the album and a must listen to track in the Bon Jovi archives. The video is from a live performance – the best way to listen to a little Bon Jovi.

6 thoughts on “Deep Tracks: Bon Jovi – Tokyo Road”

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if some tickets closer to the stage were close to the thousand dollar mark. It was around $200-$300 for nosebleed seats. I would really love to see them, but not that bad.


          1. Nosebleed ? lol

            Years ago, when we were still living in the Philippines, my mother bought 2 tickets to a Michael Jackson concert, for my sister and brother. It was a front seat, and it cost Philippine peso 5,000 per…. that was 1/2 the monthly paycheck o a public school teacher. ( 1990’s )

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            1. Lol. Yeah, the nosebleed section means you are so high up and far away that your nose starts bleeding.
              That’s crazy about the Michael Jackson concert! But, not surprising that it cost that much. If he lived, and was touring now, I can’t imagine how much a ticket would cost. and he puts on an incredible show too. And all these ticket sellers out there now, like Ticket Master, have crazy fees on top of it. I would probably go to concerts more if it wasn’t so expensive


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