Deep Tracks: Bon Jovi – Silent Night

Silent Night (1985)

Why yes, I am a complete sucker for cheesy rock ballads – and this is one of my favorites! I would never call this a great Bon Jovi song, but oh, how I love it. It is full of all of the things I love in a power ballad: touching sentiment, somber keyboards, great guitar solo, and a stirring climax. Yes, this is another breakup song, but has nothing to do with Christmas, despite the title. The chorus captures the sadness, “Silent night / We hold up our candle light / The night out love died / No words to say / We’re just too tired to fight.” The second verse has always struck me as somewhat poetic, ”It was all so simple when / You were to be queen and I’d be your king / I guess the dream got lost / Cause baby, you’re still you and I’m still me.” I never said it was great poetry and it does not compare to the extended metaphor used in “Wanted Dead or Alive”, but it shows a hint of some great lyrics that are coming on subsequent albums. Deep inside, I wish the video was better, but we all have to learn as we go. This is not the best Bon Jovi song, but I am absolutely stuck on it. Unfortunately, the song does not end happily, “When the sun appears, there was nothing left but goodbye.”

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