Deep Tracks: Bon Jovi – I’d Die for You

I’d Die for You (1986)

Ok, time for some sentimental musings. If you look back at the month of August, I reviewed Survivor’s album When Seconds Count as a 25th anniversary present or my wife. While that album will always remind me of her, this song reminds me of my first, and somewhat embarrassing, attempt to let her know how I felt about her. I “accidentally” played this song every time she was around and let her know how much I liked it. She said she liked it too, but I am still not sure she knew why I was playing it. Hey, I was seventeen and had no idea how to behave around a girlfriend. The song is a good one and easily could have been yet another single from Slippery When Wet. Once again we hear the strong keyboards of David Bryan and the even stronger rhythm guitar (and solo, of course) by Sambora. The chorus is irresistible and Jon’s vocals are as strong as ever. The song is not complex – just a guy letting a girl know how much he loves her, but I have to let the English teacher out and say I like the allusions used in the third verse, “In a world that don’t know Romeo and Juliet / Boy meets girl and promises we can’t forget / We are trapped by Eden’s gate with not regret” (Yes, the English teacher also cringes at the poor subject/verb agreement). Another thing I like about this is that it admits that, as guys, we are not perfect, but that does not mean we do not care: “I might not be a savior and I’ll never be a king / I might not send you roses or buy you a diamond rings /. . . ‘Cause our love is like a hunger, without it we would starve.” Not sure if my purpose of playing this song really registered with my girlfriend, but, nearly thirty years later, it did not hurt either.

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