Deep Tracks: Bon Jovi -Edge of a Broken Heart

Hi Everybody! Robert is back for another week of Deep Tracks from Bon Jovi. All of these are from the box set 100,000,000 Million Fans Can’t Be Wrong. I graduated high school in 1988, then went in the Navy. By the time I started going to college, the ’90s were in full swing. This meant that my favorite bands were releasing new albums less and less frequently, if at all. So, whenever one of my bands released a box set, I was all over it! I have Chicago’s Group Portrait, which featured 4 discs worth of the pre-David Foster produced era. Then my head nearly exploded when I found out Journey was releasing a box set of their own. I bought Time3 the day it came out. Journey had been broken up at that time, and that box set had some never released songs on it. So, I was thrilled. And then Bon Jovi released the box set 100,000,000 Million Fans Can’t Be Wrong. Although I was skeptical, I bought it as soon as it was released. I was skeptical because it didn’t have any of the band’s big hits. It featured some rare or never released tracks, and some demos. Looking back, I think this approach makes a lot of sense. I already owned all of Bon Jovi’s albums, so why would I spend more money on music I already had? While I still prefer all of their older stuff, I love this box set. And today, Robert is covering my favorite song from the entire set. So let’s get into it!

I told you I would be back with more Bon Jovi this week! I hope you enjoyed last week’s deep tracks and heard (or were reminded of) a few great Bon Jovi songs that you were somewhat unfamiliar with. I am going to continue with some of their deep tracks by taking a quick look at a collection of songs that did not make the cut from some of their albums, or were on soundtracks, or even B sides to some of their popular singles. These songs can be found collected in a 2004 Bon Jovi release; a four CD and one DVD box set entitled 100,000,000 Million Fans Can’t Be Wrong.

This box set is full a great songs that, at the time, were judged not good enough to make the final album selection. Some of them were near misses and cut at the last minute, other were left overs that were given to a film soundtrack, and others still are demos or experimental songs that never surfaced before this box set. There is also a cool booklet included that answers questions about the box set and includes hundreds of comments from fans who were asked to submit thoughts about the band while the box set was being put together.

As you listen to these five songs this week, remember that these are the “not good enough” songs. I think you will be surprised because these are truly great songs that, in some cases, you will feel should have been included on the original album. Some of the songs on 100,000,000 Million Fans Can’t Be Wrong do reach beyond the ‘80s, but so does the band. I really think you are going to like these songs.

Edge of a Broken Heart

Listen close. Does this song sound like something from Slippery When Wet? If you think it does, then you are right. This is one of the final tracks cut from that mega successful album. There are even some stories that it was replaced with “Living on a Prayer.” This song has no connection to Vixen’s song with the same title. This is probably my favorite song from the box set. It has a vintage Sambora sound on the guitar and lyrics that fit the Slippery When Wet era. As the title suggests, a relationship is now at a point where it is falling apart. The point of view is the man’s and I cannot help but feel terrible for him: “There I stood, just like a soldier / I was though, until I saw her / I said “Hello”, but she just turned away.” The source of the impending break up becomes apparent in the next line, “Hey Romeo, what you doing with my girl / Who are you using now? / Well, I just turned and walk away.” Despite things coming to an end, he is still hoping she will reconsider and, “I’m the one who needs you / Now you can believe it / I’ll be there to catch you when you fall.” I believe that he knows it is over and that he has lost, but he can never really give up hope. The band did give this song to the soundtrack of Disorderlies – remember the Fat Boys? That film was not a huge success and the soundtrack did not sell real well, so I think it is an excellent way to begin my look at this box set.

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