Deep Tracks: Bon Jovi – Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White

Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White

We live in a strange society. We are told to be ourselves and voice our opinions, yet when we do we are sometimes labeled as weird or wrong. I think artists are unique because they do not fit the regular mold and because of this they sometimes seems to have a chip on their shoulder. This song has that chip. We can only be called “different” or “wrong” so many times before we rebel. This rebellion happens in this song, “You judge a man who don’t stand in line / Just because he ain’t on your side / You know the man who wears those shoes / If you cut me, don’t I bleed like you?” I am not sure if the band has read William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, but that last line is an expression that comes right from that play when the Jewish character Shylock says, “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” In essence, this song is questioning the common practice of judging those around us by appearance only. We do not really know someone until we spend time with a them and learn what they think, believe, and how they act. Bon Jovi is just echoing a common lesson that surface in countless literary works: we really do not know a man until we walk a mile in his shoes. Let people think, believe, and act on their conscious – sometimes the good guys can wear black, so dig below the surface of superficiality and give others the freedom to think and believe as they wish.

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