Quote of the Day: Teen Witch

Teen Witch1

Louise Miller:
[about the disgusting pizza Richie is preparing] This is disgusting! You better clean this mess up before mom gets home.

Richie Miller: I don’t have to.

Louise Miller: I am telling you, I don’t want to listen to her yell at you. You are an unbelievable pig!

Richie Miller: I’m rubber your glue whatever you call me sticks back on you.

Louise Miller: No! I’m rubber YOUR glue whatever YOU call me sticks back on YOU!

Richie Miller: You think you’re hot stuff because you went to a dance. Dream on! No one wants do date you because you are a dog! A dog! A dog!

[after he says this, Richie turns into a dog]

Teen Witch2

Then later on in the movie…

Richie Miller: I took the liberty of ironing your homework.

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