One Hit Wonders: Jack Wagner

Hi Everybody! Paul here, The One-Hit Wonders series continues. I should have mentioned at the beginning of this series that these artists are one-hit wonders in the U.S. The artists may also have other songs that we have heard of, but just didn’t chart high enough on the Hot 100 Billboard charts to be considered a hit. If you missed the previous articles Robert has written this week, you can check out:

Sly Fox
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Now Robert continues the one-hit wonders…

All I Need by Jack Wagner

This song falls in the category of one of my guilty pleasures. When I was in high school, in the summer I earned some money by watching neighborhood kids while their parents were at work. I spent most of that time with four siblings who loved General Hospital, so I started to watch the soap opera with them – so begins my mini obsession with Jack Wagner. I know the music is not great, but I did but his first three albums and I really like this song. “All I Need” reached #2 on the AT 40 in 1984. It is a simple ballad and it still strikes a chord in my soul. Listening to this song now, I realize (remember?) how it secretly appeals to any fifteen year old boy who was hoping beyond all hope that a girl would notice him and maybe even talk to him. I knew that if any girl would take just that little chance, I would not disappoint her. I would be thinking that:

Kissing you was not what I had planned
Now I’m not sure just where I stand
I wasn’t looking for true love
But now you’re looking at me
You’re the only one I can think of
You’re the only one I see

Yep, it’s cheesy as hell, but what do you expect from a hopelessly romantic, shy fifteen year old? The video is from an episode of Solid Gold, which I watched religiously every Saturday on AFN after The Soul Train.

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