One Hit Wonders: The Jeff Healey Band

Hi Everybody! Robert is back this week with some more one-hit wonders for us. Before we jump into this, here is reminder: For the purposes of this series, a One-Hit Wonder is an artist who only had no more than 1 song break into the Top 40 of the U.S. Billboard mainstream chart. Some of these artists may have had hits on other charts, or in other countries.

Now, let’s jump into this. We have a good one to start us off this week! Take it away, Robert!

Yep, I’m back with five more One Hit Wonders. I mentioned last week that I narrowed my list to twenty-five – it has expanded. Spending so much time revisiting these songs has caused me to once again be transported to the best era of music ever. Some of these One Hit Wonders are so good! I fully stand by last week’s choices – yes, even Jack Wagner and will do the same for the week’s. So sit back, relax, push play and enjoy these (some of these) one time overplayed songs, that have become seldom heard classics of the ‘80s.

Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healey Band

I sorta have a liking for rock bands who drop in a bluesy song now and again. Jeff Healey does more than drop it in and this song is a perfect examples of the sultry blues sound that made this band famous for a while. Healey garnered musical attention in 1988 with his first album See the Light, from which “Angel Eyes” is a single. During the time the band was recording this album, they were also recording music and filming an appearance in the Patrick Swayze film Road House. Yes, that blind musician leading the band from his chair is Jeff Healey; during it’s run, “Angel Eyes” reached #5 on the charts. Healey hails from Canada which has always surprised me because his music is so “American”, deeply rooted in the Southern blues sound. The highlight of this, and most songs, by the band is Healey’s guitar. The passionate sounds that he emits from his six string are nothing short of amazing. I am a big fan of Eric Clapton and Healey is one of the few guitarists whose music reminds me of Slowhand. His playing has true soul to it and he easily affects the listener with the tender and emphatic heights it reaches . The lyrics are about the musings of a man who does not understand why this beautiful woman is wasting her time with him:

So tonight I’ll ask the stars above
How did I ever win your love
What did I do?
What did I say?
To turn your angel eyes my way?

Unfortunately, Jeff Healey succumbed to cancer in 2008 leaving behind an excellent catalog of fantastic blues rock music. “Angel Eyes” is his only AT 40 hit so he does fit this category of One Hit Wonders, but his music is way bigger than that.

Clip from Road House:

Angel Eyes video:

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