Remember That Song: 4/22/16 – Prince Edition

With the passing of Prince looming large today, we will do a special edition of Remember That Song. The regular Remember That Song will resume on Monday. Today, instead of guessing lyrics, let’s just sit back and enjoy some tunes from a musical genius.

Little Red Corvette

In late spring/very early early summer of 1983, cable TV finally arrived in my house. Of course, the first channel I put on was MTV. “Little Red Corvette” was the very first video I ever watched on MTV. What a way to start! This was my personal “Video Killed the Radio Star”.


What a great party song! And we just knew that it would make a big comeback in the year 1999. I still love this one!

A Love Bizarre

Not only did Prince have his own awesome music, but he also helped many other artists. Sheila E. was one of them. This is a cool duet between the two of them, which they wrote together


Classic Prince! This is a song that just sticks with you. Man, he sure can get his voice high!

Sign o’ the Times

This is the title track after Prince split with The Revolution. Personally, I prefer the Revolution years, but I do love this funky tune. Prince was still awesome!,sign-o-the-times,surlu.html

I did want to include Delirious here, but there are no videos of it (by Prince himself) anywhere. You probably noticed that there is nothing from Purple Rain on here. There is a good reason for that. Later on today, there will be a full article dedicated to the entire Purple Rain soundtrack, courtesy of Robert. So stay tuned.

R.I.P. Prince. Someday we will meet you again in the after world.

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