Return to the ’80s Podcast – Episode 2: Prince

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I’m sure we would have done an episode focused on Prince. However, we never expected that we would have to do one so soon. Sadly, Prince passed away on April 21, 2016. So, here is our tribute to this music (and ’80s) legend.

Show Notes

[First, we would like to send a big Thank You to Sandy for putting together these show notes. You can check out her blog, Totally ’80s Fur Suree!]

– Intro to Prince show, starting with “Let’s Go Crazy.” (speaks of the afterworld)

– Paul and Robert introduce themselves

– Hosts speak of losing Prince, and mention losing David Bowie, Glenn Frey as well.

– Hosts speak of where they were when they heard of Prince’s death, and their disbelief in it.

– Dealing with avoiding tabloid rumors and enjoying his music and seeing him on the big screen again (which I recently have done).

– Shout out to two friends from the 2 Friends Talking podcast and how they had their own Prince tribute, and did shout outs for Return to the ’80s.

– Speak of what they connect Prince with. Robert speaks of connecting Prince to his two friends, LeRoyce and Marvin, and how they played Purple Rain while having Commodore 64 matches all night.

– Speak of how Prince was an icon and a legend in our time.

– Speak of Purple Rain and how intense and raw the movie was, and how the songs tie into the movie. Just an all around fantastic film, with a fantastic soundtrack.

– Prince had his own style, and changed things up from album to album.

– Hosts go into songs that prince wrote for other artists, such as when he wrote “Manic Monday” (by the Bangles).

– Speak of how incredible of a guitarist Prince was and how he had true talent.

– Different artists respected Prince, such as when Eric Clapton mentioned how great of a guitarist he was.

– Song picks and song discussion:

Little Red Corvette: Paul speaks of his experiences with this song, how this was the first video he ever saw on MTV. (Btw this is a personal fave of mine too). Robert speaks of how this song made him appreciate Prince more, because he pushed the envelope in his songs (Trojan reference from song).

Kiss: Robert talks of how he hated this song at first, but then later it grew on him. Paul says how he loved song.

1999: This song blew up especially when the year 1999 came. (I personally remember this playing on MTV on New Year’s Eve for that year, when they had the New Year’s Eve parties hosted on MTV by Carson Daly).

U got the look (duet with Sheena Easton): Robert says he listened to this song 1000s of times.

Delirious: Robert and Paul speak of Prince’s talent and how this song sounds totally different than his other songs.

When Doves Cry: Robert and Paul speak of how this is the ultimate ’80s song. Robert remembers copying the lyrics down and realizing prince was an amazing song writer.

Let’s Go Crazy: Paul speaks of how amazing the guitar solo was in this

Manic Monday: Speak of how Prince wrote this Bangles song.

Sign O’ the Times: How diverse Prince was, especially in his later years.

Purple Rain: Paul and Robert speak of how this song gives you chills and how different artists covered this song. And also how fantastic the guitar solo was.

– Speak of Prince’s number 1s.

– Emails of Prince memories:

Sandy: Speaks of childhood memories and how it ties into everything she’s known. And Paul and Robert mention how he’s one of the artists you remember where you were when he died.

Vicki: Writes in about how she remembers his music and how she went to Catholic school and how the lyrics shocked her and her classmates.

– 2 Friends Talking challenge Paul and Robert to listen to Larry Grahams song “One in a Million You.”

– 2 Friends Talking shout out and links (

– 80s Rewind Cruise information: Cruise will be held from October 9th- 16th and free drinks are included in the price. Bands playing are Mike Score from Flock of Seagulls, Clive Farrington from When in Rome, Astrid Plane and Bill Wadhams of Animotion, Nick Van Eede of Cutting Crew , and Pascal Languirand. There will also be band tributes and movie tributes. The tribute bands playing are The Rockstar hairband tribute and The Flux Capacitors. Among the many rooms that one can go to on this cruise is an enchantment under the sea dance, where you can dance and hear fantastic songs from Back to the Future (a personal favorite movie of mine). More information can be found on the website at

– Contact Us:
You can visit the Return to the ’80s Web Site at




– Upcoming episode: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

– End with quote from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (with a twist), and close out with “Purple Rain”.

Sandy listening to "When Doves Cry"
Sandy listening to “When Doves Cry”

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