Quote of the Day: Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie

Cheech: [seeing a jar with a yellowish fluid inside] Hey, it’s about time man. Hey, what do you got man? Give me some.
Chong: What?
Cheech: Give me a drink, man. C’mon man, give me a drink!
Chong: [Points to jar] Of this?
Cheech: Yeah!
Chong: Go ahead man, help yourself!
Cheech: Wait a minute
[Sniffs the Jar]
Cheech: Hey man, that’s pee!
Chong: No kidding.
Cheech: What are you doing with pee?
Chong: It’s for my probation officer.
Cheech: Why, does he drink pee?
Chong: No man, last week I was supposed to bring some in, you know? and I forgot the wash the jar out first. so they see all that mayonnaise floating around in there, and they think I’m on some kind of weird drug again!
Cheech: [laughing] Alright!
Chong: And I’m really going to fuck with his mind this time.
Cheech: Why, what’d you do?
Chong: I had my sister pee in it.
Cheech: Yeah?
Chong: Yeah, and she’s pregnant man!

Happy 78th Birthday to Tommy Chong!!!

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