Quote of the Day: St. Elmo’s Fire

Alec: You cannot have the Pretenders’ first album! That’s mine.
Leslie: I bought it.
Alec: You did not! You can have all the Billy Joels… except The Stranger.
Leslie: I’m taking Thriller and Mahler’s ninth.
Alec: Kevin is so fond of Mahler.
Leslie: I moved in with Jules.
Alec: Oh how nice, roomies again… No Springsteen is leaving this house! You can have all the Carly Simons.
Leslie: You got me those for Valentine’s Day. Remember, they’re used to be Valentine’s Day here, Remember?
Alec: You ran out on this relationship. You take the consequences.
Leslie: I didn’t run out on anything. You ran out.
Alec: You fucked Kevin.
Leslie: You fucked many!
Alec: Nameless, faceless many!
Leslie: I feel much better now, thanks.
Alec: You’re not taking The Police.
Leslie: Anyway, I didn’t just fuck Kevin! I was confused and angry, and I care about him deeply.
Alec: Get your clothes, give me the keys and get out! Now!
Leslie: I can’t believe this is happening to us.
Alec: Wasted love!
[Throws football, across the room]
Alec: God, I just wish I could get it back!

I feel awkward saying this after that fight, but Happy 54th Birthday to Ally Sheedy!!!

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