“We All Bleed Red” by Jim Peterik

As much as I obviously love to return to the ’80s, there is just something amazing about technology these days.
You see, when Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” came out, it instantly became my favorite song. And Survivor became one of my favorite bands. They have so many great songs, many of which a lot of people may not have heard before – which is a travesty.

Fast forward to today. The world is a much smaller place, and we are able to more easily connect with our heroes of days past. For example, I received a private message (PM as the kids say) from Jim Peterik, a founding member of Survivor! Well, maybe it was an intern, or a robot. But, I’ll pretend it was from Jim personally.

He is still out there putting out music. And he shared with me a new song he has released – “We All Bleed Red.” I loved it, immediately. Even though I post lyrics daily on this site, I’m generally more of a music guy than a lyrics guy. So, I loved the music – especially the guitar. The vocals aren’t bad, but I would love to have heard Jimi Jamison or Dave Bickler (both former Survivor lead singers) belt this one out. After listening more closely the second time, I was really listening to the lyrics, and they really moved me. With all the violence and hatred throughout the world today, this song sends a great message. Apparently Peterik wrote this in response to the Orlando nightclub shooting. But, it covers everything that is going on.

We’re all cut from the same cloth
Just shaped in different forms
We lose our way
When we try to play God
No one but our maker
Can even up the odds
It’s a night of a million questions
As our outrage takes control
We;re stripped of our humanity
And forced into a role

Here is the video. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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