Remember That Song: 9/26/16

Can you name the artist and song:

You are my world
You look so sweet
You’re a special treat

Last Song: “Everyday People” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts from the album Album (1983)

Then it’s the blue ones
Who can’t accept The green ones
For living with The black ones
Tryin’ to be a skinny one

4 thoughts on “Remember That Song: 9/26/16”

    1. You’re right! Sly and the Family Stone originally did this song in the late ’60s.
      Oh! I just looked it up to see who else performed it, and it says “Everyday People” by Ta Mara and the Seen was a minor hit in the Philippines in 1988. Do they sound familiar?


      1. Ha ha ha I wouldn’t know…..

        I’m familiar with these old songs from years of listening to Classic Rock in my Mom’s car, he he he

        I like the oldies though. How come they don’t make music like that anymore ?

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