Remember That Song: 10/18/16

Can you name the artist and song/lyrics:

I wonder where you are
I wonder if you
Think about me
Once upon a time
In ____ _______ ______

Last Song: “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier from the album Emotions in Motion (1982)

Great job Scooter (@sneely71)!!!

You crave attention, you can never say “no”
Throw your affections anyway the wind blows

2 thoughts on “Remember That Song: 10/18/16”

  1. The Moody Blues – “Your Wildest Dreams ”

    My wildest dream is them getting in the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.” I’ll take away the quotation marks when that happens

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    1. You got it! And I don’t think I’d ever take the quotes off of “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” unless a real Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is created by somebody else. This one is a joke. I wouldn’t mind going just to see the memorabilia. But the whole induction thing is a joke. It’s all political and has no merit. A lot of people complained that Kiss wasn’t in. So when they were finally inducted, the “Hall of Fame” made sure that they made a circus out of it. Oh man, I could go on and on!


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