Quote of the Day: Twilight Zone: The Movie

John Valentine: [just saw the weird creature on the wing of the plane] There’s a man on the wing of this plane!

[Everyone looks out the windows on his side. But the creature has disappeared]

John Valentine: There was somebody out there. You gotta believe me!

Old Woman: I saw him. Green and slimy.

Old Man: Leave the poor man alone.

Old Woman: I’m only trying to help. You’ve got to humor them.

John Valentine: It was lightning. At first I thought it was animal. Some kind of bird or something. But it was a man! There were flames coming out of the engine, and a flash of smoke. Maybe it was a technician who was caught on the side of the plane when it took off. How could he survive out there? The air’s so thin, the blast of the wind. It’s so cold.

[begins to think it was only his imagination and feels embarrassed]

John Valentine: It’s impossible, isn’t it? Oh my god, I feel so stupid!

[takes sedatives to sleep. Then laughs nervously]

John Valentine: Can you imagine? A naked man crawling along the wing of an airplane at 35,000 feet?

Happy 71st birthday to John Lithgow!!!

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