Quote of the Day: Grease 2

Who’s That Guy?
All: Whoooh ooooh who’s that guy?
Whoooh ooooh who’s that guy?
Davey: He came out of the darkness in the middle of the night,
Blazing like a mother with a fist of dynamite.
The T-Birds: He ain’t foolin’ no one on that pile of chrome and steel,
Burnin’ up the pavement like he was some kind of wheel.
The Scorpions: He’s lookin’ for a rumble and some heads are gonna bust,
He’s gonna take a tumble with one solitary thrust!
Pink Ladies: The only thing you guys are gonna do is eat his dust!

Who’s that guy?
Where did he come from?
Who’s that guy?
The T-Birds: Please tell me someone.
Pink Ladies: I never knew anyone could be so cool.
All: Whoa oh oh
Who’s that guy?
He’s just amazin’!
From headlight to tailpipe, his burners are blazin’.
Pink Ladies: Looks to me like he could really fly!

Happy 57th Birthday to “Cool Rider” Maxwell Caulfield!!!

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