Quote of the Day: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

[Wayne shows Diane the shrunken couch]

Diane Szalinski: [excited] Are you saying… it works? The machine works?

[Wayne nods]

Diane Szalinski: Do the kids know?

Wayne Szalinski: Well, yeah, the kids know.

Diane Szalinski: That’s great!

Wayne Szalinski: No, it’s not that great.

Diane Szalinski: Why?

Wayne Szalinski: I shrunk the kids.

Diane Szalinski: …What?

Wayne Szalinski: And the Thompson kids too. They’re about this big, they’re in the backyard.

Diane Szalinski: *What*?

Wayne Szalinski: I threw them out with the trash.

[just as Diane grabs hold of Wayne, the doorbell rings. Wayne opens the door to two police officers]

Wayne Szalinski: Yes?

Female Cop: Did uh, you report two missing children?

Wayne Szalinski: Oh, there must be some mistake. Our children are in the backyard. Right, honey?

[Diane faints]

Happy 64th birthday to Rick Moranis!!!

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