Quote of the Day: Sophie’s Choice

Sophie: My mother, she’s very sick, you know. And I can’t do anything. But I think – if only I could have got – that meat for my mother it would make her strong. So I go to the country and er… the peasants were selling ham and I buy it with the black market money and I bring it back. But it’s forbidden, you know, because all the meat goes to the Germans. So I sat on the train and I hid it under my skirt, I am pretending that I am pregnant, you know? Oh I was so afraid. I was shaking. And then the German, was in front of the train and he saw me. So he come over and take under my skirt that ham and…
Sophie: So they sent me Auschwitz.
Stingo: You were sent to Auschwitz because you stole a ham?
Sophie: No, I was sent to Auschwitz because they saw that I was afraid.


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