Quote of the Day: License to Drive

Les’ DMV Examiner: Now Anderson, I want you to take a good look at my cup of coffee. Now, I LOVE my coffee. It’s probably the only thing I cherish on this god forsaken mud ball called Earth! What I’m trying to say, Anderson, is that most examiners rely on this clipboard…
[throws the clipboard out the window]
Les’ DMV Examiner: I don’t believe in that shit. What I do believe is in my cup of coffee. Now this coffee is hot. If it falls on me it’ll probably burn me, right? Speak up, son!
Les: Yes, yes!
Les’ DMV Examiner: And nobody likes to get burn, now do they?
Les: No, no!
Les’ DMV Examiner: So it’s simple: You burn me, you fail. You don’t, you pass.


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