Quote of the Day: Weekend at Bernie’s

Gwen Saunders: Richard, just tell me what is going on!

Larry Wilson: [comes down the stairs, dragging Bernie’s body by the leg] Look honey, Bernie’s dead, the guys that killed ’em are now after us, can we hide out at your place or what?

[throws down Bernie’s leg as he reaches the bottom of the staircase]

Larry Wilson:
[sees Gwen’s horrified expression, holds up Bernie’s head] It’s just Bernie!

[bangs Bernie’s head against the stair support railing]

Gwen Saunders: [covers her mouth quietly screaming in a high pitched squeal] Aaaaah! Aaaah!

Richard Parker: Gwen, we didn’t do this to him!

[Gwen, mouth still covered, begins looking wildly back and forth between Richard and Larry, slowly shaking her head and backing away]

Richard Parker: Look at us! Do we look like the kind of people who could kill someone?

Larry Wilson: [handing Gwen a drink] Come on, honey, sit down, take a load off, have a drink, you’ll be fine!

Richard Parker: Let me rephrase that! Do *I* look like the kind of person that could kill someone?

Weekend At Bernie’s was released on this date (July 5) in 1989.


If you’d like to watch this movie on Amazon, click on the movie poster below:

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