Quote of the Day: Basket Case

Casey: [In the Bar] There’s something I’ve been dying to ask you. What’s in the basket?

Duane Bradley: My brother.

Casey: Your brother!

Casey: [Duane and Casey both laugh] What is he, a midget?

Duane Bradley: No, we’re twins. Siamese twins

Casey: That’s funny, you don’t look…

Casey, Duane Bradley: oriental!

Casey: [Duane and Casey both laugh] So what happened? Somebody shrink him?

Duane Bradley: No, he’s deformed. A freak, he looks like a squashed octopus!

Duane Bradley: Our mother died giving birth to us. He was attached to my right side. They wouldn’t let us go to school or anything. They kept us hidden. We were the big family secret. everybody hated us, except our aunt. See, he likes the dark. He doesn’t like to be seen, not even by me sometimes. And you know what else?

Duane Bradley: [Casey shakes her head] He talks to me

Duane Bradley: [Points to his head] Up here.

Duane Bradley: Without words. I just here him whispering in my brain. Sometimes he talks for hours and won’t shut up. i used to be able to talk to him like that, but that was when we were still connected. Our aunt said it was our special gift. But since we’ve been separated, I can’t do it anymore, but he can still do it to me. In fact, he’s even better at it now, he always knows what I’m thinking…

Casey: Duane, you’re giving me the creeps.

Duane Bradley: They didn’t want him to live. But he fooled them. He didn’t die, he just got stronger. Oh, If you only knew what it was like. Duane and I kept hidden from everyone. We’re the both of us so messed up. I don’t know which one of us is worse…

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