Remember That Song: 1/24/18

Can you name the artist and song:

A friend is someone you need
But now that he had to go away
I still feel the words that he might say

Last Song: “Dare Me” by The Pointer Sisters from the album Contact (1985)

Great job Andy (@Torahguy)!!!

Baby, make your move
Step across the line
Touch me one more time

If you’d like to purchase this song from Amazon, click on the album cover below:

4 thoughts on “Remember That Song: 1/24/18”

    1. Me too! When I was in the Gulf War, The Pointer Sisters actually came and performed on our ship as part of a Bob Hope special. Ann Jillian was the host of that portion of the show. And Marie Osmond was there too, and Khrystyne Haje from that show Head of the Class was there. After the show, I was in line to get all of their autographs. But when I got close to them, they had to go to tour the ship, then leave.

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