Quote of the Day: Beverly Hills Cop II

Sidney Bernstein: [on the phone] Naturally. I can see- Yeah, yeah. I mean I-I understand. Somebody- W-wait-

[off the phone]

Sidney Bernstein: Oh, oh, oh. Come right in. Don’t let the fact that my door’s closed dissuade you in any way from entering my office.

Axel Foley: Sir, we’re with the Beverly Hills Police Department. Are you Mr. Sidney Bernstein?

Sidney Bernstein: Yes. Lucky guess.

Axel Foley: Well, sir, you have 25 unpaid parking tickets, we have a warrant for your arrest.

Sidney Bernstein: 25? What 25?

Axel Foley: You have 25 unpaid parking tickets, sir.

Sidney Bernstein: I-I pay my tickets. I pay – I pay all my tickets.

Axel Foley: Sir, do you own a Black Mercedes-Benz, License Plates number CRL-507?

Sidney Bernstein: 507? That’s my wife’s car! That’s not my car! That’s my-

Axel Foley: You have 25 unpaid parking tickets.

Sidney Bernstein: I mean, it’s under my name. But, it’s my wife’s car! No! No! No!

[picks up phone; yells]

Sidney Bernstein:

Axel Foley: Your tickets have not been paid, that means you’re liable.

[to Taggart & Rosewood]

Axel Foley: Can you cuff Mr. Bernstein, please?

Sidney Bernstein: Cuff me? There are people out there with chainsaws, you’re cuffing me!

Axel Foley: Well, sir, you have 25 unpaid parking tickets, and it’s your car. So, we have to take you in.

Sidney Bernstein: Wait a second, I’ve got an idea. Is there something that I have in this office that I could hand to you, and that would make you kind of forget that you’re holding those, uh, little pink tickets there?

Happy 63rd birthday to Gilbert Gottfried!!!

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