Hall & Oates March Madness Tournament: Final Four

Wow! What a finish to the Elite 8! There were two blowouts, and two tight matches. And one of those matches had to go into overtime! And the overtime was very exciting. I posted the overtime poll on Twitter, the 80s Fans Unite!!! Facebook group, and the Return to the ’80s Facebook group. “Kiss On My List” defeated “You Make My Dreams” by the narrow margin of 23-22. On the the 80s Fans Unite!!! page, “Dreams” squeaked by 5-4. The tie breaker was on the Return to the ’80s Facebook group page where “Dreams” won handily 6-0, moving it on to the next round. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty now! You can place a vote in each bracket

Out of Touch Maneater

Out of Touch (1) def Method of Modern Love (2) (14-3)

Maneater (1) def One on One (2) (14-2)

You Can’t Make My Dreams Go for That (No Can Do)

I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do) (2) def Private Eyes (1) (10-7)

You Make My Dreams (3) def Kiss on My List (1) (9-9 regulation, 33-27 in overtime)

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