Quote of the Day: Cheers

Sam: You are the nuttiest, the stupidest, the phoniest fruitcake I ever met!

Diane: And you, Sam Malone, are the most arrogant, self-centered…

Sam: SHUT UP! Shut your fat mouth!

Diane: Make me!

Sam: Make you? Why, I’m… I’m gonna… I’m gonna bounce you off every wall in this office!

Diane: Try it and you’ll be walking funny tomorrow. Or should I say funnier.

Sam: You know, I always wanted to pop you one. Maybe this is my lucky day.

Diane: You disgust me. I hate you.

Sam: Are you as turned on as I am?

Diane: More.

Sam: Bet me.


If you would like to rent/watch/buy this show on amazon, click on the poster below:

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