Kurt Russell Blog-a-Thon Update

Last Call for the Kurt Russell Blog-a-Thon!!!

Hey all you bloggers, podcasters, and Kurt Russell enthusiasts! Next week, Monday May 21, 2018, the Kurt Russell Blog-a-Thon will begin. This special event hosted by RealWeegieMidget Reviews and yours truly, will feature Kurt Russell articles and podcasts from our friends around the globe. There are already a lot of awesome participants, and we would love to have even more. To learn more about this event, visit – https://rtt80s.com/2018/04/05/announcing-the-kurt-russell-blog-a-thon/.
You can also see who’s doing what, here.

Please let us know if you’d like to participate.

4 thoughts on “Kurt Russell Blog-a-Thon Update”

  1. Not sure if it applies, but my co-run podcast with Elwood Jones, Movies and Tea, just did a podcast review/discussion for Soldier. We look at Paul W. S. Anderson directorial features for this season and it was our look at Soldier this week which we do have a lengthy discussion about Kurt Russell’s role in this film as well. If that’s okay, our episode releases tomorrow so I can send you the link if that fits the criteria for the blogathon.
    Here’s the podcast blog: moviesandteapodcast.wordpress.com

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