Quote of the Day: Purple Rain

Morris: Okay. What’s the password?

Jerome: You got it.

Morris: Got what?

Jerome: The password.

Morris: The password is what?

Jerome: Exactly.

Morris: The password is exactly?

Jerome: No, it’s okay.

Morris: The password is okay?

Jerome: Far as I’m concerned.

Morris: Damn it, say the password!

Jerome: What.

Morris: Say the password, onion head!

Jerome: The password is what?

Morris: [frustrated] That’s what I’m asking you!

Jerome: [more frustrated] It’s the password!

Morris: The password is it?

Jerome: [exasperated] Ahhhhh! The password is what!

Morris: It! You just said so!

Jerome: The password isn’t it! The password is?

Morris: What?

Jerome: Got it!

Morris: I got it?

Jerome: Right.

Morris: It or right?

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