Quote of the Day: Who’s That Girl

Nikki Finn: C’mon Lounde, haven’t you ever done anything you were proud of?

Louden Trott: Well, I used to be really good at fencing.

Nikki Finn: See? There you go. I knew ya’ had it in ya’.

Louden Trott: Yeah, but of course my father would never come watch me.

Nikki Finn: Why would your father wanna watch you turn over stolen goods? You’re twisted!

The film, Who’s That Girl, was released on this day 31 years ago (August 7, 1987)

If you’d like to watch, rent, or buy this movie from Amazon, click on the movie poster below:

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4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Who’s That Girl”

    1. I still need to see it. It’s so funny, but the day before I posted this, my best friend and I were talking about Madonna movies, and I mentioned that I hadn’t seen this one. Then the next day I found out that it was 31 years to the day that the movie was released! Just looking through the quotes, it sounds like it’s a very funny movie.

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