Quote of the Day: Can’t Buy Me Love

Chuckie Miller: You nuked my brother.

Cindy Mancini: What?

Chuckie Miller: You took him from “geek” status to “king” status to no status.

Cindy Mancini: Chuckie Miller, right? He resorted to sending his messenger boy?

Chuckie Miller: Boy? I see no boy here.

[Cindy puts powder on his face]

Chuckie Miller: You think you shut me up?

Cindy Mancini: I didn’t? Well, let me try again.

[attempts to put lipstick on Chuckie]

Chuckie Miller: [leaves]

[says to his friends]

Chuckie Miller: Babe said it was good for my complexion.

Can’t Buy Me Love was released in theaters on this day 31 years ago (August 14, 1987)

If you’d like to watch, rent, or buy this movie from Amazon, click on the movie poster below:

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