Quote of the Day: Iron Eagle

[Doug sees what appear to be enemy planes on his radar coming head-on while trying to escape with his father]

Doug Masters: Dad, four more MiGs jumping us!

Col. Ted Masters: Pull up hard!

Maj. Dwight Smiley: This is Blue Leader, do you read?

Doug Masters: They’re ours dad, they’re American! Roger Blue Leader, I’ve got two bandits on my ass, can you assist?

Maj. Dwight Smiley: We were about to contact the aggressor and verify his intentions. Attention unidentified aircraft, this is Major Dwight Smiley of the United States Air Force, you are following one of our F-16s in international airspace, do you wish to engage?

[both MiGs break off]

Maj. Dwight Smiley: I didn’t think so.

Iron Eagle was released on this day 33 years ago (January 17, 1986)

If you’d like to get this movie on Amazon, click on the poster below (as of this moment, January 17, 2019, this movie is free on Amazon Prime):

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