Quote of the Day: The Untouchables

Ness: [referring to Malone] I’m going to see you burn, you son of a bitch, because you killed my friend!

Frank Nitti: He died like a pig.

Ness: What did you say?

Frank Nitti: I said your friend died screaming like a stuck Irish pig. Now you think about that when I beat the rap.

[He runs a comb through his hair and walks toward the door. Ness, enraged, grabs him from behind and pushes him past the door]

Frank Nitti: Hey… hey!

[Ness propels him toward the ledge]

Frank Nitti: *Hey!

[Ness pushes him off the roof. He falls, screaming]

Ness: Did he sound anything like *that*?

Happy 64th birthday to Kevin Costner!!!

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