Quote of the Day: Porky’s

Wendy: [answering the phone behind the counter at the roadside diner] Deadbeats.

Pee Wee Morris: [into pay phone, disguising his voice] Hello. Hi. I’m lookin’ for a friend of mine. He’s s’posed to be there.

Wendy: Uh, what’s his name?

Pee Wee Morris: His name’s Michael Hunt… uh Mike, Mike. Yes, Mike.

Wendy: Mike Hunt? Okay, just hang on a minute.

[raising her voice to address the patrons]

Wendy: Is Mike Hunt here?

[Pee Wee laughs]

Wendy: Is Mike Hunt here?

[several patrons begin to snicker]

Wendy: Has anybody seen Mike Hunt?

[patrons begin to cackle uncontrollably]

Meat: Practically everybody in town, from what I hear.


Porky’s was released in theaters on this day 37 years ago (March 19. 1982)

If you’d like to buy, watch, or rent this movie from Amazon, click on the movie poster below:

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