Prince March Madness Tournament: Sweet 16

Photo of PRINCE It’s that time of year again! Since last year’s March Madness with Hall & Oates was so much fun, we’re gonna give it another go. This time it will be the song from ’80s icon, Prince, that will be doing battle. Feel free to check out the podcast episode as Del and Paul break down the songs. Then you can vote in each bracket. You can click on then song title to get the YouTube video. In addition to voting on this page you can also vote on Twitter, the Facebook page, and Facebook group. Voting ends just before midnight on Sunday March 24.

Bracket 1

(1) When Doves Cry
(16) Batdance
(8) I Would Die 4 U
(12) Delirious

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[poll id=”3″]

Bracket 2

(4) Little Red Corvette
(13) Alphabet St.
(5) Sign ‘O’ the Times
(9) Raspberry Beret

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[poll id=”5″]

Bracket 3

(2) Purple Rain
(15) Pop Life
(7) U Got the Look
(11) Take Me With U

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[poll id=”7″]

Bracket 4

(3) Let’s Go Crazy
(14) I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

(6) 1999
(10) Kiss

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[poll id=”9″]


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