Prince March Madness Tournament Winner – Purple Rain

What an incredible finish to this year’s March Madness Tournament!!! Most of the matchups had been pretty much landslides up to this point. But man, these finals were close! But, when the dust has settled, “Purple Rain” was the winner. As I have been saying, there were four different places to vote. Here is the breakdown:

Purple Rain – 31
When Doves Cry – 31

Main Return to the ’80s Facebook Page
Purple Rain – 8
When Doves Cry – 8 (web site)
Purple Rain – 3
When Doves Cry – 5

And the deciding factor was the Return to the ’80s Facebook Group:

Purple Rain – 16
When Doves Cry – 12

So the grand total was:

Purple Rain – 58
When Doves Cry – 56

Thank you so much for your participating!!! We’ll see you next year!!!

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