Remember That Song – 12/3/19

Can you name the artist and song:

I was born under a bad sign
Left out in the cold
I’m a lonely man who knows
Just what it means to lose control

Last Song: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson from the album Thriller (1983)
[The “Thriller” video premiered on December 2, 1983]

Great job Adora (@Adora2000),Lynne (@LynneAshton2), southernhon (@peacesong464), BeagleLife72 (@TiffanyNGroce72)!!!

Now is the time
For you and I to cuddle close together, yeah
All through the night
I’ll save you from the terrors on the screen
I’ll make you see

If you’d like to get this song from Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

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