20 Album Challenge – Day 4

The 20 Day Album challenge continues. My pick on Saturday, February 8 was Journey’s Departure album.


This album had a huge impact on me because Departure was the first CD I ever bought. The Compact Disc was a great brand new technology in the ’80s. We had collecting cassette tapes and vinyl albums. Now, with these new CDs, the sound was crisper, and you could skip songs immediately and much easier.
After my parents purchased a new stereo system, which included a CD player, I went to Ann & Hope and looked for a CD by my favorite band at the time – Journey. The CD section was small, and the only Journey CD they had was Departure, which was fine by me. I already had several Journey cassettes, but Departure was not one of them.

The only song I had known on there at the time was “Anyway You Want It“, which was also the first song on the CD. What a way to start! The whole album impressed me. I was blown away by “Where Were You“. And my new favorite song on the whole CD was “People and Places“. It is something so different from all of Journey’s other music. It was the coolest thing I ever heard. And it was awesome hearing Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie sharing lead vocals.

It was also cool opening up the CD insert and seeing: “Join us for our departure into the 80’s”

I still highly recommend this album. It is jam packed with a wide range of music. There are classic Journey tracks, ballads, and blues.

Here is the album on Spotify:

And if you’d like to get this album on Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

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