20 Album Challenge – Day 12

The 20 Day Album challenge continues. My pick for Day 12 is Contact by The Pointer Sisters.


While “Jump (For My Love)” and “I’m So Excited” got all the attention for The Pointer Sisters, my favorite song by them was “Dare Me” from this album. It really pumped me up before Cross Country meets, and it always put me in a good mood when I needed it. This is another album that is very solid. I love every song on it. In addition to “Dare Me“, I fell in love with “Back In My Arms.”

The Pointer Sisters will forever hold a place in my heart. While serving on a Naval hospital during the Gulf War (Desert Shield/Desert Storm), the Pointers came on our ship at Christmas time, and headlined a show as part of the Bob Hope tour. All the female performers from that year’s special put on the show. Ann Jillian was the host, and other performers included Marie Osmond and Khrystyne Haje (Head of the Class). All of those performers will always have my love and respect. And it may be nos surprise, but the Pointer Sisters’ playlist included “Jump (For My Love”), “Dare Me”, and “I’m So Excited.” I will never forget it.

I cannot recommend this Contact album enough. You can check it out on Spotify:

And if you’d like to get the album from Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

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