20 Album Challenge – Day 16

The 20 Day Album challenge continues. Today’s pick is Heart’s self-titled album from 1985


Once again, thanks to MTV, I found myself another favorite band who had been around since the 70s. I was blown away when “Never” came on with Ann Wilson’s incredible vocals and Nancy Wilson rocking the guitar. I loved every song that was released off of this album. I just had to own it! Then when I got it, I discovered the songs “If Looks Could Kill“, which led off the album, and “All Eyes“, which was the first song on the second side. I thought they were even better than the songs that were always on MTV and on the radio. I love all of Heart’s music, but this is still my favorite album of theirs. However, my favorite song of theirs was on their next album, Bad Animals. And no, it’s not “Alone” (although it IS up there), but it’s another song that wasn’t released as a single – “You Ain’t So Tough”. As good as Bad Animals is, the album Heart is so great and solid all the way through, and I still love it today.

If you want to Return to the ’80s, check out Heart on Spotify:

And if you’d like to get the album from Amazon, you can click on the album cover below:

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