20 Album Challenge – Day 20

Sadly, this is the final day of the 20 Day Album Challenge. I’ll close it out with a double-shot of Roxette – Look Sharp! and Joyride.


Both of these were important albums to me in my Navy days. Look Sharp! had come out just before I left for the Navy. I loved “The Look” and bought it on 45. When I finished boot camp in April 1989, and when to my specialty school (‘A’ School for those of you in the know) in San Diego. One of the first things I did was go to the Exchange, head right to the music section, and bought myself a Walkman and a few cassettes. Look Sharp! was one of them. I loved every song, and it really helped me get through school. This was a major change in my life, and I was over 3,000 miles from home. So Roxette took me to a safe place when I needed it. I loved every single they released, which includes (in addition to “The Look”) “Dressed for Success“, “Listen to Your Heart“, “Chances“, and “Dangerous“. I also liked “Sleeping Single” which may have been the B side to “The Look” on the 45 I owned.

Roxette’s follow-up album, Joyride, came out while I was on my way home from Desert Storm. Our first stop on the way home was Singapore. There was a gorgeous mall there. Once again, I headed right to the music section. It happened to be the day that Joyride came out. I hadn’t known that Roxette was coming out with a new album, so it was a pleasant surprise. I also bought Chicago’s brand new Twenty 1. I almost included that album on this list, but decided to stick with the Roxette theme. I listened to both albums over and over.
As much as I loved every song on Look Sharp!, two of my favorite Roxette tunes came off of Joyride – “Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)” and “Spending My Time“. The title track wasn’t too shabby either.

Marie Fredriksson’s death this past December really hit me hard. I knew she had been battling cancer for years and years. But, it still didn’t lessen the blow. Luckily the music will live on forever. Whenever I feel myself going down, I throw some Roxette in my ears, and I am able to get to a happy place.

Both albums are available on Spotify:


And if you’d like to get either or both albums from Amazon, you can click on the album coves below.

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