Madonna March Madness – Elite 8

Madonna-March-Madness-2 Time for the next round of the Madonna March Madness! The Sweet Sixteen was very interesting, and the Elite Eight is going to be very tough to predict. In the last round, there were only 5 votes in each battle. I thank you five very much for taking the time to come to this page and vote. I truly appreciate it.

Most of the voting took place on Twitter. There weren’t any battles with close enough results for the web page results to make a difference. That could change this round. The numbers on the Twitter voting ranged from 67 to 88 votes per battle.

You can vote on the Elite Eight matchups down below. You can click on the song title to see the YouTube video. Voting will be open until midnight on Monday March 23.

If you’re curious, here are the Sweet Sixteen results:

Bracket 1A

79 votes
Like a Prayer 57%
Borderline 43%

Borderline 3 votes
Like a Prayer 2 votes

Winner: Like a Prayer

Bracket 1B

71 votes
Live to Tell 60.6%
Cherish 39.4%

Live to Tell 3 votes
Cherish 2 votes

Winner: Live to Tell

Bracket 2A

84 votes
Papa Don’t Preach 57.1%
Lucky Star 42.9%

Pap Don’t Preach 3 votes
Lucky Star 2 votes

Winner: Papa Don’t Preach

Bracket 2B

86 votes

Material Girl 65.1%
True Blue 34.9%

Material Girl 4 votes
True Blue 1 vote

Winner: Material Girl

Bracket 3A

88 votes

Crazy For You 71.6%
La Isla Bonita 28.4%

Crazy For You 4 votes
La Isla Bonita 1 vote

Winner: Crazy For You

Bracket 3B

80 votes

Open Your Heart 65%
Who’s That Girl 35%

Open Your Heart 4 votes
Who’s That Girl 1 vote

Winner: Open Your Heart

Bracket 4A

75 Votes
Like a Virgin 58.7%
Holiday 41.3%

Like a Virgin 3 votes
Holiday 2 votes

Winner: Like a Virgin

Bracket 4B

67 votes
Into the Groove 76.1%
Express Yourself 23.9%

Into the Groove 3 votes
Express Yourself 2 votes

Winner: Into the Groove

Elite Eight

Voting open until 23:59 on Monday, March 23, 2020

Bracket 1

Like a Prayer vs. Live to Tell

[poll id=”27″]

Bracket 2

Papa Don’t Preach vs. Material Girl

[poll id=”28″]

Bracket 3

Crazy For You vs. Open Your Heart

[poll id=”29″]

Bracket 4

Like a Virgin Vs. Into the Groove

[poll id=”30″]

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