Madonna March Madness – Final Four

Madonna March MadnessWe have arrived at the Final Four of the Madonna March Madness tournament. This has been a great tournament so far. These Final Four songs are going to be involved in a great battle. The voting for the Elite Eight was a little light on the web site with only between 3-4 votes. The voting on Twitter ranged between 53-78 votes.

Here are the Elite Eight results:

Bracket 1

66 votes
Like a Prayer 57.6%
Live to Tell 42.4%

Web site
Like a Prayer 3 votes
Live to Tell 0 votes

Winner: Like a Prayer

Bracket 2

78 votes
Material Girl 59%
Papa Don’t Preach 41%

Web Site
Material Girl 3 votes
Papa Don’t Preach 1 vote

Winner: Material Girl

Bracket 3

54 votes
Crazy For You 74.1%
Open Your Heart 25.9%

Web Site
Crazy For You 3 votes
Open Your Heart 1 vote

Winner: Crazy For You

Bracket 4

53 votes
Into the Groove 62.3%
Like a Virgin 37.7%

Web Site
Like a Virgin 3 votes
Into the Groove 1 vote

Winner: Into the Groove

Final Four

Voting is open until noon Eastern time on Friday, March 27

Bracket 1

Like a Prayer vs. Material Girl

[poll id=”31″]

Bracket 2

Crazy For You vs. Into the Groove

[poll id=”32″]

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