Episode 31: Dare to Dream with Stan Bush

After 6 months, Return to the ’80s is finally back with a new podcast episode! This should be worth the wait, as we have the incredible Stan Bush joining us. Just in case you are not familiar, Stan is best known for his 1986 smash hit, “The Touch” from The Transformers: The Movie as well as “Never Surrender” from the 1989 movie, Kickboxer.

While most of our favorite 80s rock artists fell by the wayside in the ’90s, Stan Bush has been continuing to work. He has just released a fantastic album called Dare to Dream. This has all the elements of the 80s music we love, while still being current. There are rock anthems as well as power ballads, and even an anthem for us called, “The 80’s.” 

Stan was very cool and generous, and we had a great time! So check out this awesome episode of Return to the ’80s, and check out Stan’s new album. You don’t want to miss it!

Stan Bush can be found at https://stanbush.com/, and is also on Twitter at @Stan_Bush

Del can be found on the show 80s at 8 on 91.1 WEDM FM. Even though the station is not on the air right now during these Corona days, you can still follow Del on the 80s at 8 Facebook page where he posts 80s news.

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